Surrogacy costs in Israel and Georgia

The Parenting Centre has, from 1996, accompanied over 900 couples through a successful surrogacy process, at the end of which, these couples became happy parents. We would be happy to help you fulfil your dream.
  • All of the prices in our agreement are with full transparency and there is no small print.
  • There is no need to pay double to get the best. The success rates are very high
  • For couples who require unlimited treatments, it is best to first verify the reason a pregnancy has not been successful, rather than paying in advance for a much more expensive program.
  • The payments to us are incremental. You pay only for the services you receive.
The cost of the program in Israel is NIS 220,000
This includes:
  • Locating a surrogate mother
  • Medical and psychological examinations for the surrogate mother and the intended parents
  • Matching the intended parents and the surrogate mother
  • Drafting a contract between the intended parents and the surrogate mother
  • Legal advice for the surrogate mother and the intended parents
  • Base fee for surrogate mother (for 6 repetitions of foetuses, pregnancy and childbirth)
  • Petty cash for the surrogate mother for expenses (baby sitter, travel, maternity clothes)
  • Life insurance for the surrogate mother, accident, illness, loss of work ability and pregnancy bed rest insurance
  • Submitting the file to the Surrogacy Committee and conducting the case at the committee
  • Receiving a new surrogate mother at no extra charge if the initial surrogate mother is not approved by the committee

Egg Donation
NIS 25,000 - 30,000
Czech donors - not identified but a full profile is provided. The tests for the donor,  egg retrieval and fertilization are conducted by an Israeli doctor
Ukrainian donors - not identified but a full profile is provided. The tests for the donor,  egg retrieval and fertilization are conducted by an Israeli doctor
Members of the health funds are entitled to a 50% refund of the cost of the donation for two cycles.

Cost of program in Georgia, NIS 152,000
This includes:
  • Finding a suitable surrogate mother who has passed all of the comprehensive medical tests, and her details will be transferred to you for your approval.
  • Legal advice for the surrogate mother by a local surrogacy expert lawyer
  • Legal contract between the intended parents and the surrogate mother
  • (The contract with the surrogate mother includes 3 attempts)
  • Replacement of the surrogate mother (if the surrogate mother can not pass 3 attempts, for whatever reason)
  • The Centre’s manager travels to Georgia to sign an agreement with the surrogate mother on behalf of the couple, and saves you the cost  of airfare and accommodation
  • The transfer of embryos / sperm by personal courier by the Centre’s manager, provides assurance of the embryos arriving safely
  • Hormonal preparation for the surrogate mother and the return of the foetuses is performed in a Georgian clinic that is an extension of a medical centre in the U.S.A., with English-speaking doctors (the results of the hormonal tests and the tests of the lining of the uterus are passed on to us for approval before the return)
  • Pregnancy monitoring includes: an ultrasound once a month, blood and urine tests, alpha-fetoprotein, and nuchal translucency screening.
  • System reviews are performed by specialist physicians. You can travel to Georgia and be present in the systems review. The surrogate mother can also come to Israel and undergo an amniocentesis test system review by an Israeli doctor, paid for by the couple
  • Pregnancy monitored in Israel by an Israeli gynaecologist who specializes in pregnancy monitoring and foetal development
  • The intended parents are provided support form the managers of the Centre for Parenting through trained surrogacy social workers
  • The manager of the centre visits Tbilisi once a month to monitor the process (meetings with the doctors, lawyer and the surrogate mothers companion)
  • The surrogate mother is accompanied by a local representative. This includes accompaniment to examinations, home visits and continuous telephone contact
  • Birth takes place in a private hospital, which is at a level similar to Tel HaShomer / Lis / Beilinson hospitals and includes a neonatal intensive care unit.
  • Issuing a birth certificate for the baby
  • Arranging the legal status of the baby by an Israeli lawyer who specializes in surrogacy
  • Legal opinion by a Georgian lawyer
  • The management of funds in a trust in Israel ensures that your money will be transferred only after completion of each stage (most of the payment to the surrogate mother is transferred after the birth)
  • Transfer and exchange commissions, fees and translations
  • Compensation to the surrogate mother for the treatments, pregnancy and childbirth; payment of monthly living expenses so that she does not work during the treatments and pregnancy.
  • Accompaniment of the parents, during their stay in Georgia, by a representative of the Centre, who speaks Hebrew
  • The embryos are prepared in Israel, funded by the health funds

For a separate fee:
Flight to Georgia for birth, well-equipped apartment, DNA testing.

Egg donation - NIS 25,000
You choose the donor by ethnicity and outward appearance. Their pictures can be obtained and you can choose the appropriate one. They are all young, European-looking students.

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