Surrogacy Programs in Israel and Georgia

We have helped more than 900 couples realize the dream

Surrogacy Program in Israel

The oldest parenting centre in Israel, operating by law since 1996, is administered by Mina Yolzari and Ada Atias, social workers who hold master's degrees and are certified family caregivers.
  • Over the years we have helped more than 900 couples and surrogate mothers to undergo a successful surrogacy process.
  • The centre has professionals nationwide, who will provide you with prompt service, close to your home.
  • The Parenting Centre will ensure to locate and assess the most suitable surrogate mother for you within 4 months.
  • We have developed a unique psychosocial assessment that is conducted in a home visit and meetings with the surrogate mother and her partner, to assess her suitability to the process and to you.
  • Our support program includes home visits at the surrogate mother, preparing her children and/or your children, and supporting the relationship between you and her.
For a free consultation, please phone 03-7362284

Surrogacy program in Georgia

  • The Centre has a surrogacy program in Georgia, based on the vast experience we have accumulated in accompanying 900 surrogacy procedures.
  • The program is run in accordance with local law, which has been in effect since 1992.
  • The program is immediate, provided at a high medical level and a low cost.
  • The treatments and pregnancy monitoring are performed in an American-Georgian clinic (an extension of a medical centre in Maryland), by English-speaking physicians and in accordance with Israeli protocols.
  • The program includes the accompaniment of an Israeli team of gynaecologists, lawyers and social workers who are responsible for the medical, legal, and emotional aspects, and support you throughout the process, until your child is brought to Israel.
  • The Centre’s managers fly over to sign an agreement with the surrogate mother, on behalf of the couple, and save you unnecessary expenses of airfares and accommodation.
  • The transfer of embryos/sperm is carried out by the centre staff in a modern nitrogen tank, which provides maximum assurance of maintaining the quality of the embryos.
  • Every month, the Centre’s managers fly to Tbilisi and supervise the management of the program, meet with the doctors at the clinic, the Georgian lawyer and with the representatives who accompany the surrogate mothers and who are in constant contact with them and conduct the home visits.
  • Our surrogate mothers are young and very healthy, and undergo comprehensive medical examinations in accordance with the criteria of the surrogacy committee in Israel. All of the material is passed on to you for your approval.
  • Pregnancy monitoring according to Israeli protocol includes blood tests, urine tests, ultrasounds, nuchal translucency screening, systems review, alpha-fetoprotein, amniotic fluid test / verifi, all carried out in the American clinic by specialist physicians.

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